Easily create a website and publish it on your server


How does it work?


1  Connect to Sitomatic and configure the connection to the server hosting your website.


2  With Sitomatic you create the pages of your website, insert texts and images, define the look and the page navigation.


3  When everything is ready, click on "Publish": the complete site will be sent to your server or to an Amazon S3 bucket.

4  It will be available in complete autonomy. You can continue to edit and publish it with Sitomatic whenever you need to.


  • Sitomatic is a web service that requires no installation
  • creates sites with a simple tree structure
  • saves static html pages on a remote server or on an Amazon S3 bucket
  • produces SEO friendly pages
  • automatically manages menus and links between pages
  • manages the content of the pages as image or text elements to allow an easy editing
  • offers predefined design styles to optimize the creation of the site
  • allows a complete design customization thanks to the use of CSS and a versatile HTML code
  • allows multiple users to access the service and operate on the same site with different permissions (for example, an editor can edit the content, but will not have access to the design features)
  • its simplicity makes it easy to use.

For which sites?

  • for sites which do not require server side functionalities
  • for sites with a traditional tree structure
  • for sites which already have an hosting solution or of which you want to manage the hosting without having to install any software
  • for sites which are intended to be moved and viewed offline (on a CD for example).

Examples of sites created with Sitomatic

site created with Sitomatic 4

This site!

Requirements for using the service

  • a modern web browser (Firefox 4 +, Chrome 10 +, Safari 5 + or Internet Explorer 7 +)
  • javascript and cookies enabled.

Requirements to publish your site

  • an hosting on a web server accessible via passive FTP or an Amazon S3 bucket defined as a website
  • a web address to access your site.

Do you want to try?

If you are interested to try our service, please contact us!